The Jazzmaster is 60 and Fender has Celebrated with Three New Models

Fender is set to release three new limited edition versions of the influential Jazzmaster to celebrate its 60th birthday.

One of the most elegant and innovative Fender guitars is now 60. The Jazzmaster will be celebrated with three new limited edition models.

The ’58 is an homage to the original prototype of the game-changing axe. It was the first Fender to have a rosewood fingerboard and a flexible rhythm/lead circuit that added to its versatility. The new model replicates these innovations in order to give players a taste of the guitar in its original form.

The Classic pays tribute to the iconic 1966 model. It features the most striking cosmetic details, including block inlays, bound neck and a matching painted headstock.

The Triple is an altogether different beast. Though it sports the same unique aesthetic as the other models, the Triple is loaded with three brand-new humbuckers designed by pickup guru, Tim Shaw.

For more background on this all important guitar, read our article on artists who have made the Jazzmaster their own.

Visit Fender for more details on the 60th anniversary models.

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