The Iconic Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay has been Reimagined

The StingRay ranks highly among the archetypes of bass guitar. Ernie Ball Music Man have reimagined it from the ground up to create a new classic for the 21st century.

Can you improve on perfection? Ernie Ball Music Man certainly think so. They’ve redesigned the StingRay from the ground and delivered something special.

This legendary bass first hit the market in 1976 and broke new ground with its active on-board EQ, lending the bass a hitherto unimaginable power to cut through the mix with biting highs and consistent thickness down to the bottom end of the frequency spectrum.

The new models, officially dubbed the StingRay Special collection, feature five-bolted sculpted neck joint, providing easy access to all 22 frets and enhanced body contours for more comfort.

Tonewise, it features improved neodymium pickups with a new 18-volt preamp with extra clean headroom.

The new version is lighter than ever, weighing in at just eight and half pounds, making those marathon jams a breeze.

For more information, visit the Ernie Ball Music Man website.

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