The Godzilla Electric Guitar Unleashes Your Inner Beast

By August 8, 2019Guitar, News
godzilla guitar

Few monsters have taken hold in our collective imagination like Godzilla. Fortunately, ESP and Japanese rock legend, Takamizawa Toshihiko have made the connection between this legendary figure of apocalyptic destruction and electric guitar making. Meet the limited edition Godzilla electric guitar.

This astounding axe was just announced, featuring an alder body, three-piece hard maple neck and an ebony fingerboard. Other features include Floyd Rose bridge, glowing purple and red LEDs and a single EMG85 pickup. What this adds up to is a true monster of a machine.

godzilla guitar

The bizarre new collaboration between ESP guitars and Japanese rock idol Takamizawa Toshihiko brings forward the limited edition Godzilla electric guitar.

At this rate, we would advise saving your coins in case of a surprise King-Kong model release tomorrow. Although the Godzilla vs. King Kong guitar battles would probably be worth it at a staggering $77,000 AUD this may one for the wishlist.

This horrifying axe was designed to commemorate the 65th birthday of the monster that stomped the streets of Tokyo. For those who wish to get a piece of history, you better get in quick, as the run of only five guitars gives “limited edition” a new meaning.

godzilla full guitarThose looking to check it out or possibly pick one up can do so here.

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