The Glide is a New Instrument that Transforms Motion into Melody

From the mind of musician and inventor Keith Groover, the Glide is an instrument that works with your physical expression to make sounds. It can control MIDI over bluetooth and has its own inbuilt sound.

Making music with movement – the Glide is an intuitive new instrument from Keith Groover. It combines physical movements and innovative electronics.

The instrument is based on an electronic component called an accelerometer – a device that measures acceleration. The Glide has two controllers, with three accelerometers in each, which cover X, Y and Z axes.

Notes are responsive to the millisecond – this is because there are no software algorithms that translate movements into sound and therefore, no latency.

One of the controllers has two buttons, the other three and these are used to select sounds and the octaves. On the whole, you can control pitch, volume, rhythm, tone and expressive techniques.

The Glide is slated to be released in early to mid 2019.

Visit the website for more details.

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