The first lot of Stud Walls are up. Double Gyprock and inside-out frame work

By October 6, 2010Making Enmore Audio
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The walls in a recording studio are built inside out. That is to say the stud work is on the outside and the Gyprock is facing inwards towards the existing room. Regardless of whether the room is double brick or stud work and dry wall, our acoustician John Sayers has assured us that this is the best path forward.

gyprock in a studio

We’re only just getting over the long weekend and the first wall went up today. Stud frame with double gyprock is where it’s at!

As you can see the ceiling has already received its first layer of Gyprock. The next ceiling layer will sit on top of the wall frame and it will receive the same double treatment. All the stud work gaps (which are made from treated pine of course) will be filled with carefully cut pieces of rockwool. It’s a fairly flexible material but I’d advise on wearing gloves when handling it because it cant be tricky stuff to work with – well worth the investment though!

Time for a Young Henrys!


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