The FB-3200 Emulates a Rare Korg Polysynth and You Can Download It For Free!

By December 5, 2017News, Software, Synths

The PS-3200 was a rare, semi-modular beast that was made by Korg in 1978. Full Bucket Music has paid tribute to the original in the form of the FB-3200, a free VST/AU plugin.

The FB-3200 from Full Bucket Music is a virtual emulation of the Korg PS-3200. This semi-modular polysynth is available as a free download.

The FB-3200 comes with all the features of the original, including a paraphonic envelope generator and EQ section.

Sounds can be sculpted via the band-limited oscillators, low-pass filters with an option for micro tuning.

Additionally, it has a couple of the mod-cons that you’d expect from a plugin – including MIDI learn, so all parameters can be tweaked with a controller.

Best of all, it’s free of charge, so check out the Full Bucket Music website for download details.

Via Sonic State.

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