The Famous Gristleizer Guitar Synth Effect Is Now Available In Eurorack Format

By October 6, 2017News, Synths

Indie gear manufacturer Future Sounds Systems is releasing a series of Eurorack modules based on the Gristleizer guitar effect, built by Chris Carter in the 70s


The famous Gristleizer modulation/filter guitar synth effect, developed by Chris Carter in the 70s, is now avaliable in Eurorack format.

The original Gristleizer was developed by Carter to add more industrial grit to his band, Throbbing Gristle’s, sound. It crams a range of modulation and filter effects into a gritty little package.

The new incarnation will see the original effect being broken up into four separate modules: the TG2 Generator, TG3 Filter, TG4 Modulator and the TG5 Pre-Amplifier.

The TG2 Generator is designed to replicate the original functionality of the oscillator section, with some additions. The TG3 Filter is a JFET-controller multi-feedback band-pass filter, and the TG4 Modulator is a JFET controlled, voltage-controlled amplifier. The TG5 Preamp is a new addition inspired by Jonny Reckless’ discrete FET-based designs.

Read about each module in-depth here.

The new Gristleizer will be available soon, and you can watch a video demo below. Pre-order one here.

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