The Deep Synth Harnesses the Power of the THX Deep Note

By October 24, 2018News, Production, Software, Synths

From the mind of Oregon based software engineer, Bob Miller, the Deep Synth takes the unforgettable THX “Deep Note” and turns it into an ingenious synth.

The epic swarm of the THX Deep Note at your fingertips. Meet Bob Miller’s Deep Synth – a crazy little synth that’s designed to run on a hand-held game console.

The THX Deep Note hit the cinemas in the 80s, blasting audiences with a swirling crescendo of tone clusters at the beginning of the movie.

Deep Synth was conceived by Miller with the aim of playing melodies using the Deep Note. It features 32 oscillators, random pan, with each note spanning five to six octaves.

For a double nostagia hit, the synth is played via the 1Bitsy 1UP, which has the retro style of the original Nintendo Game Boy.

Read the fascinating account of how the synth was created on Miller’s github page.


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