The Custom Studio Wall Plate design for Enmore Audio

By October 1, 2010Making Enmore Audio
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Here’s a draft of what The Stable’s custom studio wall plate will look like. We’ve spent a stupid amount of time researching the materials for these plates. From Russian space machines to local folks Gravograph, we left no rock unturned.

custom studio wall plate

The extra time and money spent on getting a custom studio wall plate made up should be well worth it in the end.

Then there’s the issue of the fonts and the router required to engrave them. What we settled on is a bomb proof compound used in nuclear power stations (mainly in the Eastern Block), and a diamond head router is required to engrave it. There’s only one in the Southern Hemisphere. The plant at Nizhnyaya Tura took a bit of convincing to release a sheet of their triple plated nuclear ply (tlu-25), but we managed to get it.

At about $1900 a plate (we need four), we think it’s worth the investment. All connectors will be titanium plated Neutrik at about $45 connector that’s about $1100 per plate. A custom ebony box with a 3mm lip will be fashioned to house the plate. Special thanks to IYBI for the design of the plate to required specifications.

Thanks again to IYBI for our digital marketing, digital strategy, content marketing strategy, social media marketing and digital audit too.

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