The Bob Moog Foundation is set to Raffle Off Three Vintage Synths

By September 4, 2018News, Production, Synths

You gotta be in it to win it. The Bob Moog Foundation raffle is an annual fixture on the music tech calendar. Up for grabs this year are three pristine vintage Moog synthesizers.

Does your studio need an injection of vintage synth magic? Check out the Bob Moog Foundation annual raffle for a chance to win a rare 80’s classic.

The trifecta of synths are fully restored and feature the Memorymoog, the Moog Source and the Moog Rogue.

The Memorymoog (1st prize) is a six voice polyphonic instrument, that has an estimated value of US$7,500. It features three voltage controlled oscillators, with each voice having its own 24dB voltage controlled filter. It’s also been retrofitted with MIDI and sequencer capabilities.

The Moog Source (2nd prize) is a striking 37-key synth, with two oscillators and patch storage. Like the Memorymoog, it possesses a 24dB filter and carries an estimated value of US$2,400.

The Moog Rogue (3rd prize) is a two oscillator monosynth, which has a legendary reputation for massive bass sounds. If you were to buy one these days, it’s estimated to set you back US$2,000.

To buy your raffle ticket, visit the Bob Moog Foundation website.

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