The Big Apple of Compression: Baby Audio’s I Heart NY

Baby Audio compressor

I Heart NY is the new compression plugin from Baby Audio. New York-style compression, more commonly known as parallel compression, is famously used to beef up drum tracks and add extra steel to basically any sound source you think of.

I Heart NY mixes a heavily compressed signal with your dry audio and the result is a thick full-bodied audio track. This sleek laser-faced compressor gives you the beautiful solid sound of parallel compression within a single plugin interface.Baby Audio compressor

I Heart NY streamlines parallel compression. The tasty New York-style compression of your favourite mixes comes to life in this plugin.

I Heart NY has 3 simple controls – Spank, Output and a Parallel Signal Mixer.  Spank lets you dial in the level of attack transients you want in your audio. The signal mixer acts as a dry/wet slider, thus allowing you to blend between the dry and fully compressed signal.  The compressor’s solo switch completely cancels out the dry signal, which also means you can use the plugin as a conventional compressor.

The futuristic level indicators on the left and right-hand sides indicate the amount of input and output gain respectively. Baby Audio suggest pulling back on the Spank knob until it is lightly going into the red on the left. Doing this will enable you to sculpt transients while while maintaining a healthy level in the mix.

Head over to Baby Audio’s website for more details.

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