The Behringer Model D Synth Flexes its Muscles in a Synth Pop Track

By August 1, 2017Happy, News, Synths

Some folks are already making good use of the new Behringer Model D synth.

The Behringer Model D Synth gets a good workout from Mr Firechild. It’s deep kick, tight and funky bass and spacey lead sounds are on full display.

The Behringer Model D is an homage to the 70’s era Minimoog: a synth that has acquired near mythical status among monosynth aficionados. The video from Mr Firechild features layered sounds only from the Behringer D and as you can hear, it’s capable of a wide range of synth-pop tones, filter sweeps and subby drones.

The Behringer D is a eurorack sized model, so it can slot into a modular rig, or work standalone. And while staying true to it’s inspiration on almost every front, it has welcome 21st century additions like MIDI capability and deeper CV control.

Surely one of the most impressive features of the D synth is its potential price of $299 US. Hot on the heels of the recent Roland SH-101 speculation, we could be in for a very interesting period of monosynth mania.

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