The Attic 2 Delivers 18 Quirky Synths to Your DAW

By June 19, 2019News, Software, Synths
soniccouture attic 2 soft synth kontakt

Sure, who doesn’t love the sound of those big, lush analog classics. Listening to their sound quality, it’s easy to understand why they’ve earned the accolades.

But what of the quirky, the underdogs, the left of centre sounds that are more obscure, but also have their own charm? The Attic 2 from Soniccouture has encapsulated 18 of these rough diamonds in one suite of virtual instruments.soniccouture attic 2 soft synth kontakt

Another classic synth emulation? We don’t think so. The Attic 2 dishes up sounds of a different kind – focusing on more obscure models and bringing them back to life.

Here’s how the creators colourfully describe the new collection:

Not the Prophets, the Jupiters or the Minis, but their clumsy and quirky siblings. Analogue pianos, funky organs, glassy digital boxes, vocal synths, and string machines.

Now their time has come, as producers look for inspiration away from the usual clichés.”

So, there are still some of the famous names, including Roland, Korg and Moog – but the models are more likely to be vintage oddballs rather than household names.

And though there not famed for high end specs, there digital credentials are up to scratch. The full range of every note of each instrument was sampled at 48kH/24-bit and is Kontakt compatible.

Visit the Soniccouture website for all the details.

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