The ARP 2500 is Back in the Form of Eurorack Modules

By May 28, 2019News, Synths
cms eurorack modular rig arp 2500

The ARP 2500 was a modular synth system that was released in 1970. Now Discrete Synthesizers have released the CMS Euro Rack system, featuring exacting replicas of the original, but in the popular modern format.cms eurorack modular rig arp 2500

A authentic recreation of ARP 2500 modules, fit for the modern workflow. The CMS Euro Rack system brings back this undeniable synth classic.

The original was developed by Alan R. Pearlman to compete with the industry leading Moog systems of the day. It didn’t feature the typical cables that you’d usually find in a modular rig, but rather a unique matrix system.

The new CMS system uses the originals architecture while making workflow improvements to slot in next to your other Eurorack modules.

Information on the individual modules, as well as current availability (they’re going fast!), visit the Discrete Synthesizers website.

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