The Ableton Evolution Continues with Version 10.1

ableton 10.1 update daw new software

Ableton version 10.1 has officially hit the shelves. This update (free to all owners of version 10) continues the steady evolutionary improvements to the DAW’s workflow and adds some extra touches of creative flair.ableton 10.1 update daw new software

The latest version of Ableton has arrived. Version 10.1 improves on automation, simplifies plugins and smoothes out production workflow.

Being a “point” update, don’t expect any headline changes that will turn your workflow upside-down. Instead the focus is on fluidity in the production process, with a few new creative options sprinkled on top.

Zooming and scrolling is enhanced with intuitive resizing of the arrangement overview window, pinch zooming and streamlined shortcuts. All of which should make the navigation of complex sets a bit more user-friendly.

The ability to import your own wavetables will open up the options for synth fans. The new Channel EQ is a simplified and musical EQ tool. The Delay device is consolidated version of the Simple Delay and Ping Pong Delay, with added features.

Automation just got more creative too. There are a host of waveshapes that you can add to audio channels to create all kinds of new volume based effects.

To find out more, visit the Ableton website.

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