Teenage Engineering Launches the OP-Z Synth and Sequencer

By September 18, 2018News, Production, Recording, Synths

After a whole ton of hype, Teenage Engineering have finally launched the long-awaited OP-Z. They’ve described it as a multimedia synth and sequencer and it will be available in October.

The wait is over. The much anticipated OP-Z from Teenage Engineering is set to be launched next month. It’s a one-stop shop for composing music, visuals and light shows.

Rumours surrounding the synth’s development have been doing the rounds for a couple of years. The company have humbly apologised for the long wait, claiming that, “we have re-worked and re-thought in absurdum.”

The device packs in a 16 track sequencer, multiple synth engines, beats, samples and effects. What sets it apart is the lighting control (16 lights via DMX) and Unity 3D integration. Theoretically, you can control all aspects of a live show from this diminutive, battery powered unit.

There’s no screen on the OP-Z, so you’ll need to BYO screen in the form of a phone, tablet or computer and use the companion app.

Not surprisingly, pre-orders have been snapped up, but stayed tuned to Teenage Engineering for more developments.

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