Teenage Engineering Launch Two New Samplers: the KO! and Speak join the Pocket Operator Stable

By January 30, 2018News, Synths

Innovative synth makers Teenage Engineering have just added to the already impressive lineage of Pocket Operators. The PO-35 Speak comes with a microphone and is perfect for sequencing vocals. The PO-33 KO! is a multichannel sampler with a line and microphone input.

The studio has never been so portable. With the Speak and KO!, Teenage Engineering have added recording, effects and sampling capability to the Pocket Operator range.

The PO-33 KO! is a mini beatmaker with a 40 second memory for storing samples. Ingeniously, the now-familiar four-by-four Pocket Operator grid is split between chromatic playback (the top eight) and drum playback (the bottom eight). Sampling is available via the in-built microphone or line input.

The PO-35 Speak is a vocal synth that comes with one instance of the previously released Tonic drum machine. You can record vocal samples via the in-built microphone and one of eight voice “characters” and punch in effects on the fly.

Both devices have in-built drum sounds and sequencing capability as well as BPM and adjustable swing. And like every PO device, they’re about the size of a credit card (which, incidentally, is likely to be abused once you discover the series).

Along with Tonic, the KO and Speak form the Metal series and are available from the Teenage Engineering website.

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