Teenage Engineering Introduces New Pocket Operators Modular Range

By January 21, 2019News, Synths
teenage engineering pocket operator

Teenage Engineering’s Pocket Operators range has provided effective entry-level synthesisers for years, however, last week the company upped the ante with three new modular synthesisers. Each synth comes as a flatpack kit that requires assembly and Teenage Engineering claims that “most people manage to build one in under 15 minutes.”

teenage engineering pocket operator

Teenage Engineering has released three new DIY modular synths to their popular Pocket Operators range. Just be sure to follow the instruction manual…

The Pocket Operators Modular range was developed as an affordable and simplistic way to introduce people to modular synthesis, and each of the new modules has standard specifications, including ±12 voltage, and 3.5 mm jacks which means they can be patched with modulars from other manufacturers. In fact, the company encourages this, as each unit has an open frame, so users can easily add more modules and customise their configurations.

The smallest unit in the range is the 16,  which as its name suggests is 16 key controller which is also a programmable sequencer, powered by four AA batteries.

The 170 is a monophonic analogue synthesiser with a built-in keyboard, sequencer, battery pack and speaker box. It includes nine modules and eight patch cables.

The 400 is the largest synth in the range, with a built-in 16 step sequencer, three oscillators, a filter, and an LFO. It includes 16 modules and eight patch cables.

Each synth in the range comes with a bendable aluminium chassis, but just make sure you read the 70-page manual so you get it right. A single module unit is promised for later in the year.

For more information take a look at Teenage Engineering’s product page.

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