Co-Owner / Producer

Radi started Enmore Audio in 2011 after years of bedroom recording to help better facilitate his vision of utilising a studio space as an instrument and a natural extension of the creative musical process.
From vintage samples, beats and analogue synth lines through to four track tape recording and tireless vocal takes, he brings a warm and unique approach to record making whether it’s on his own work for Circle or bands he works with.
Some of his recent credits include Circle, Wells, Girl is the New Boy, Pikachunes, On the Stoop, DARTS and Pretty City.
Radi is also the founding editor of Happy Mag and the director of Monday Records.

Co-Owner / Engineer

Dan became a parter in Enmore Audio in 2015 and helped realise the vision of the space becoming a complete three room facility. He is a musician first, engineer second and loves to pay tribute to the music by creating the best sound possible.
He works closely with performers in diverse studio projects, and has enjoyed playing bass with an eclectic range of collaborators for over a decade. He is equally at home producing someone’s first voice reel as he is helping arrange and consult on feature length film scores.
Dan has worked with Wells and Circle and has composed music for award winning comic artist, Thomas Campi.


Stav has worked with an array of world class artists and producers, and has worked on everything from radio, to TV and film. He famously worked as an senior engineer at Air studios in London for over 7 years. He’s currently working as a Freelance Sound Balance Engineer whilst also working on many personal projects.
Some of Stav’s more notable collaborations include: Art Garfunkel, Bryan Ferry, Cat Stevens, David Bowie, Edwin Starr, Family, Guys & Dolls, Hot Gossip, Jeff Beck, Kate Bush, Leo Sayer, Marc Bolan, Nectar, Olivia Newton John,  Paul McCartney, Queen, Roxy Music, Stevie Wonder, The Police, Uplift Song, Vladymir, Wax Works & Yasuko.


Cefe has been involved in music making for the last 15 years, starting as a guitarist and synth player and continuing as an engineer where he built up his skills in Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin.
He has engineered, mixed and mastered music from all genres with an especially keen ear for all alternative / indie / psychedelic rock sounds. As an audio engineer his ultimate goal is to reflect the emotions, desired sound and the vision of the artist on each project he works on.
Some of the artist Cefe has worked on in the past include: DARTS, Pretty City, Slow Loris, TTLove, ETC, Hoodoo Reelin, Joan Shield, Kadi & The Trix, Losada Trio, DeLassaletta Trio, MGP Tango Orchestra & El Desbande

Intern / Engineer

Mikaela Grob is an emerging composer and performer who currently releases her own self produced material. She has interned at Enmore Audio since August 2016. She been directly involved in session work since 2017.
She is currently studying composition at the Australian Institute of Music and hopes to compose for film and television in the future.


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