TC Electronic Reveals the TC2290 DT Delay Plugin and Controller

TC Electronic have breathed new life into one of their own classics from the 80s – the 2290 digital delay. Originally a rackmount unit, the new version – the TC2290 DT – comes as a plugin with a desktop controller.

TC Electronic’s 2290 Dynamic Digital Delay was a revelation upon its release and remained popular for decades. Now it’s back as the TC2290, with its own desktop controller.

During the development of the new plugin, TC Electronic discovered that much of the quality of the original 2290 lay in its analog components, not the digital ones. Therefore, these characteristics were painstakingly emulated in the new version.

Far from just having the ability to create lush delays, the TC2290 DT plugin can dish up choruses, flanging, tremolo and panning effects.

The full experience is provided with the desktop controller. It has been redesigned to accomodate all the front-panel controls of the original. All the processing happens within the computer though, so you don’t necessarily need the controller to use it (but it is a massive part of the appeal).

For more details, visit TC Electronic.

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