TC Electronic Launches the Ditto Jam Looper X2 Pedal

TC Electronic has debuted the Ditto Jam Looper X2. This is the latest in its line of loopers and introduces automatic syncing.

Effortless looping at last: the Ditto Jam Looper X2 continues its fine tradition of looping pedals, this time enhancing it with automatic beat syncing.

The new looper features TC Electronic’s BeatSense algorithm. It features onboard microphones to listen to the rhythmic elements of the band, then dynamically synchronises loops automatically.

This eliminates the need for erasing looping misfires, freeing up the performer improvise organically while keeping in sync with the rest of the band.

The Ditto Jam’s practice mode is equally innovative. It allows you record a solid bed at a slow tempo, then speed it up with the tap tempo, which is ideal for nutting out difficult passages.

For solo gigging, you can export loops for editing in your favourite DAW, then re-import these, or other backing tracks to the pedal.

For more info, visit TC Electronic.

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