TC Electronic Announce the ‘Sonic Specialists’ series of Budget Pedals

By January 11, 2018News, Pedals
TC Sonic specialists

TC Electronic’s range of wallet-friendly effects pedals has just grown by four with the addition of the Sonic Specialists series.

TC Sonic specialists

TC Electronic has revealed the Sonic Specialists series at Winter NAMM. The new stompboxes include a tape echo, tremolo and two flavours of reverb.

The Gauss Tape Echo offers up a 70s-style tape delay with simple controls, sustainwhich controls the feedback, delay, which controls delay time and volumewhich controls the level of the repeats. There’s also a handy mod switch, which injects some tape-flavoured modulation to the repeats

The Vibraclone Rotary offers up deep and choppy tremolo that’s based on the classic Leslie speaker. It couldn’t be easier to control, with a knob each for speed and drive, with a switch for the subtle ‘Chorale’ setting, and the more extreme ‘Tremolo’ tone.

The two-types of reverb are provided by the Drip Spring Reverb and the Fluorescence Shimmer Reverb. The Drip yields a classic spring tone that’s ideally suited to surf and retro rock, while the Fluorescence Shimmer recalls the octave-up ambience of the Edge and Brian Eno – endless, epic and ethereal.

For more info, head over to the TC Electronic website. And check the pedals out in action below.

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