Tap into Unrivalled Authenticity with Mojo Hand FX’s RVT and Park Theatre Pedals

By August 8, 2019Effects, Guitar, News, Pedals
Park Theater RVT Mojo Hand FX

Mojo Hand FX has just dropped two new multi-effect pedals, the 3 in 1 RVT reverb/vibrato/tremolo pedal and the dreamy Park Theatre reverb and delay.

RVT is an emulation of vintage onboard amplifier effects. The centre pressure switch allows you to switch between the pedals two main effects, vibrato and tremolo while dialling in the perfect style with the speed and depth controls. The reverb knob is an independent control and is constantly activated. This is no worry though as the mix control allows you to blend in your reverb amount to taste.

Modelled after local music venue and vintage amp effects, Mojo Hand FX’s Park Theatre and RVT pedals, pay tribute to the greatness of nostalgic sound.

The Park Theatre pedal was created to raise money for a local club known as, well, the Park Theatre. The venue needed repairs and with no way to pay for them, all hope seemed lost. Luckily Mojo Hand FX admired the clubs open mic nights and decided to design a pedal that would simulate the exact space of the live room. Mojo Hand managed to hit two birds with one stone by donating $50 from every pedal sold back to the Park Theatre while also honouring the clubs unique space.

The Park Theatre comes with space, echo and mix controls and injects a lush nostalgia into your guitar’s tone with plenty of character to spare.

More information can be found at Mojo Hand FX.

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