Take Full Control Of Your Studio With The Electra One

Electra One Front View

From the amazing mind of Martin Pavlas comes Electra One – the solution to every producer’s MIDI mapping problems. Electra One is a MIDI controller, USB host and MIDI USB interface that is capable of streamlining your entire music production process.

You can modify sound parameters by turning 12 smooth 360-degree control knobs or with the touchscreen display. If you’ve ever wanted to control the cutoff filter of 10 synths at once then this controller is the answer. With 6 pages of parameters and over 216 MIDI parameters within, this unit can satisfy all your MIDI requirements across multiple devices and synths.

Electra One Front View

Electra One is the multi purpose MIDI controller that lets you map, edit and customise your studio’s MIDI settings like never before.

The system has two inbuilt MIDI host ports for plugging in other USB devices and two MIDI in and thru ports for connecting your synth modules. While in use the controller doesn’t only send MIDI signals to your instruments but also continuously reads their patch settings, to give you an insight into your gear’s full capabilities.

The controller can also be used together with its web based platform to create, edit and share presets. Electra One’s sheer versatility makes it a powerful tool in both live and studio settings and with the possibility to daisy chain multiple units together, the system’s potential gets even bigger.

You can get a more in depth look at the Electra One here.

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