Sweetwater Smash the Record for the World’s Biggest Pedalboard

Sweetwater Pedalboard

If you’ve ever worried that you have too many pedals, put your mind at ease.

American multi-instrumentalist, Rob Scallon, and the music retailer, Sweetwater Sound, have just nabbed the Guinness World Record for the largest guitar effect pedalboard ever – with a ridiculous 319 pedals. Sweetwater Pedalboard

Rob Scallon and Sweetwater Sound have created the world’s largest guitar effect pedalboard, taking out the Guinness World Record with 319 pedals

Scallon and Sweetwater were assisted in their endeavour by pedal designers Robert Keeley of Keeley Electronics, Josh Scott of JHS Pedals, Ryan Dyck of Temple Audio, and Brian Wampler of Wampler Pedals.

The previous record was set in 2008 and boasted 142 pedals all patched together without the use of any switching devices or loops.

This time around, the 21-metre-long final product used over 500 feet of patch cables and 35 power supplies. With pedals from over 30 manufacturers laid out on 34 pedalboards, the whole thing cost over $135,000 AUD.

In a video posted on Sweetwater’s website, Scallon can be seen playing an original composition through a wall of Marshall amps, as 7 people adjust the pedals behind him.

Apparently the whole thing came about when Scallon was standing in front of an extensive collection of pedals in a Sweetwater Music Store and asked:

“What if we put together a pedalboard full of our favorite pedals, and it just happened to include ALL of them?”

Be careful what you wish for. Check out the full video of the world’s largest pedalboard below:

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