Surgical EQ and Dynamics Across the Spectrum: Sonnox Release the Oxford Dynamic EQ for VST, AU, & AAX

Oxford EQ

Oxford Dynamic EQ is the latest release from Sonnox, a plugin maker famed for creating powerful and innovative sound processing software.

Oxford Dynamic EQ

Sonnox release the Oxford Dynamic EQ plug-in for VST, AU, & AAX, a powerful, almost surgical EQ tool with dynamic control over the entire frequency spectrum.

This deep and versatile multiband EQ promises to offer maximum control and minimum disruption to surrounding frequencies when taming problematic tones.

Some of the main features include:

Proportional Q – for intuitive bandwidth control. A clear GUI that offers an elegant way to control potentially complex multiband EQ; flexible dynamic control including compression and expansion; threshold engagement for precise and musical transition treatment; and internal and external side-chain controls per band.

The Oxford Dynamic EQ adds to the formidable reputation that Sonnox has crafted over the years. Bound to become a favourite.

Find out more on the Sonnox website.

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