Supro Takes Inspiration from the Past with the Tri Tone

By June 11, 2019Guitars, News
new supro tri tone guitar

The new Tri Tone from Supro takes inspiration from rare Supro Triple Tone from 1959. Sixty years after the release of the original art deco masterpiece, the new version features some welcome modern supro tri tone guitar

Supro’s classic from the late ’50s is reborn. The Tri Tone features all the vintage vibes you’d expect, with some new-fangled additions to improve playability.

The guitar sports the same single cutaway shape as the famous Dual Tone model, which was favoured by David Bowie and Link Wray. The body is made from solid mahogany and has a bound neck of maple, which is topped by a pau ferro fretboard.

It’s replete with retro flair, with its jet-black finish, brushed gold hardware and double pickguard. Tonewise it features Ralph Keller designed Vistatone pickups on the neck and middle. On the bridge is an overwound Super Alnico.

Interestingly, they look like humbuckers, but are instead noise-cancelling single coils. These units are specially crafted to put out a variety of tones, which can cover the heavier end of rock, all the way to warm and jazzy textures.

The modern touches include a set neck construction, tune-o-matic bridge and access to the upper frets, which make it much more of an all-rounder.

Visit the Supro website for more details.

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