Sunnaudio Launches the Rabbithead RH-1 Preamp and Overdrive

By May 2, 2019Guitar, News, Pedals

The quest for the ultimate front end tone for guitar has lured many a manufacturer. Now Sunnaudio has thrown their hat in the ring with the Rabbithead RH-1 preamp and overdrive pedal.

Front end punch for guitar and bass, whether on stage or in the studio. Say hello to Sunnaudio’s Rabbithead RH-1 preamp and overdrive.

The comprehensive front panel of the stompbox includes controls for volume, mix (for dialling a variety of clean and overdriven configurations), alongside bass and treble EQ knobs.

There are also two independent outputs, which includes an amp simulator option (which can still be used when the pedal is in bypass mode).

On top of the sound shaping options available in the preamp section, two overdrive flavours, including Sunnaudio’s own “Rabid” grizzled distortion mode is on hand.

Interestingly, the “focus” control shapes the EQ contour to scoop out midrange, or even add a subharmonic bump to the signal when switched to the left.

Turned to the right, however, and the mid range cut is relaxed, offering up more vintage girth and presence.

Visit Sunnaudio for more information.

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