Sunn O))) and EarthQuaker Devices Team Up for the Epic Life Pedal

By June 19, 2019News, Pedals
sunn o))) life pedal distortion octave drone metal

Drone metal legends Sunn O))) have collaborated with pedal makers EarthQuaker Devices the Life Pedal. This limited edition number epitomises all you’d expect from the band – bone crushing distortion that plumbs the depths of the lower octaves.

The new pedal is inspired by their work with Steve Albini on their most recent album “Life Metal” – where 100 watt amps were driven into distorted ecstasy.sunn o))) life pedal distortion octave drone metal

EarthQuaker Devices have hooked up with drone metal icons Sunn O))) to bring us the Life Pedal. Named after their recent album, it’s about as heavy as it gets.

The pedal is an octave distortion and booster, faithfully modelled after the classic LM308 White Face distortion. It has two clipping options – the first with no diodes to provide an aggressive op amp distortion at maximum volume. The second uses two silicon diodes and one LED for a smooth, valve amp style crunch.

On top of that (or should we say, below that), the octave circuit is an all-discrete rectifier circuit based on Russian Germanium diodes. It’s at the start of the circuit and you can blend it in by turning the knob clockwise.

Beware though, as it’s an analog circuit, using the neck pickup and playing above the twelfth fret is where the tone is most beefy.

For more info on this limited edition masterpiece, visit the Sunn O))) website.

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