Sub is the Free Drum Machine Plugin with an Extra Kick

Sub Drum Machine

Sampleson has continued to add to their evergrowing selection of software instruments with their new analogue drum machine Sub. Having mostly specialised in electric piano plugins, Sampleson is building quite a respected catalogue of VSTs.

Sub gives you the ability to program classic drum patterns, with smooth analog tones that gave machines like the TR-808 its iconic status. Plus, it has a retro aesthetic that will take you straight back to the ’80s.Sub Drum Machine

Sub lets you juice up your favourite ’80s drum sounds like never before. Its sub-bass oscillator and faithful analogue synthesis put it in a box above.

The plugin features an array of sound channels all the way from bass drum to clave. Each sound channel comes with dedicated pan and level controls to achieve separation in the drum mix. Beyond that, there are 6 individual pitch controls for each of the three congas and tom channels for perfecting your fills. The major channels on the plugin include sound specific knobs including a click and decay for the kick as well as tone and snap for the snare.

The most interesting feature of this module is the built-in sub-bass oscillator that gives you that extra low thump from your kicks. The module lets you control the pitch, decay and gain of this oscillator, proving it to be perfect modern genres. As a result, Sampleson has set this plugin above the rest in the drum machine market, combining retro tone with modern power.

Sub is available now for free download on Sampleson’s website.

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