Strange Agency Unveils Soup – an Other Worldly Granular Sound App

Genuinely striking in terms of sound and looks, Soup is a granular sound design app from the minds of Strange Agency. They claim it will let you literally paint with sound.

The wild and the weird: Soup is a sound design app like no other. It provides a virtual fluid that you can record onto and slosh around for endless creative possibilities.

Strange Agency says that the app “breaks up recordings into individual sound quanta with which you can interact as if they made up an audio fluid.”

The video does a good job of demonstrating fluidity of the granular delay and synth, with the creators mentioning that:

“You can record sounds through the microphone or import WAV files,  slathering sound over the virtual fluid. Then your fingers can become playheads, reading back the sounds from any position, or multiple positions at once.”

Soup Granular is available on the app store for US $9.99.

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