The future of pedal shopping is here: Stompenburg FX

By February 25, 2021Effects, Pedals
Stompenburg fx

Thomanns’ new Stompenburg FX allows you to test out the pedals of your dreams in real-time from the comfort of your own home.

Europe’s largest online music store has now granted customers the ability to test out a whopping 150 pedals online and in real-time with their new Stompenburg FX feature. 

Not only does it allow customers to try out the pedals from the comfort of their own home, it also enables users to operate their own equipment throughout the test, as well as engage with their pre-recorded loops or create their own. 

Stompenburg fx

Now, before you question whether these are just digitally modelled recreations, the team at Thomann took the time to recalibrate and connect the circuits of these pedals to the internet so users could hear and play through a real pedal in real-time online. 

They said, “We screwed, soldered, sweated and connected cables so you can test the pedals…

The easily accessible browser interface allows for the settings on the pedal to be adjusted. It is also equipped with a built-in cabinet simulator, replicating the sounds of an amplifier cabinet, especially ideal for overdrives and distortion. 

It is clear that this breakthrough piece of tech is the future in music retail, allowing users to get their virtual hands on some of the hottest pedals from all the major brands and demo to their heart’s content.

Experiment with your favourite pedals here.

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