Steinberg Announces Cubase 10, So What’s New?

By November 19, 2018News, Production, Software
Cubase 10

Steinberg has announced the latest version of their long-running DAW, Cubase 10. The release covers three versions, Elements, Artist and Pro, with each offering new creative features to enhance composing, recording editing and mixing. Steinberg has assured customers that it has listened to feedback to update the system’s workflow and user interface.

Cubase 10

Steinberg has released the latest version of their production software, Cubase 10, with the new version packing in a plethora of new features and updates.

Cubase 10 includes a refresh of many existing features including drum editor Groove Agent, which is now in its fifth version,  the pitch editor VariAudio which hits version three, as well as a simplified sidechain function, latency monitor and a new audio alignment system that conveniently lines up transients.

Two new features are a completely redesigned channel strip, as well as an all-new drag and drop function for plugins, which allows you to pull them straight from the media rack into your project. All versions also come with a new distortion plugin called ‘Distroyer’, while the Pro and Artist versions have support for MIDI Polyphonic Expression

Cubase 10 also comes packed with 5 GB of samples, loops and sounds, covering numerous genres and produced by famous artists such as the likes of Rawtekk, Florian Meindl, Beat Butcha.

“The audio engine in Cubase delivers pristine, unprecedented, ‘unheard-of’ quality: you’ll never hear the DAW, you won’t perceive unexpected colouring to your recordings, you’ll forget it’s even there — the sound quality is literally unheard of. The editing and production tools are amazing, providing a smooth, firm foundation for your creative input. The new aesthetics of the user interface ensures focused and expedited usability, while the production-grade content included within Cubase is not only fun to use but offers a great starting point to create any style of music.”

“With all the effort that we have put into this major iteration and considering the positive feedback from professional recording engineers and producers throughout its development, I assure that Cubase 10 pushes the envelope beyond the many expectations,” states Matthias Quellmann, Cubase’s senior marketing manager.

For a complete list of new features check out the Steinberg website, or take a look at the video below.

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