Star Earthing plus a general update on the studio’s progress

By November 1, 2010Making Enmore Audio
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I did some research today and discovered that Enmore doesn’t have any ‘official’ registered recording facilities which I guess is good news for us (kind of). Enmore Audio will be the first recording facility in Enmore. The electrician was in today working alongside our builder Darren roughing in all the wires, cables, new mains, new switch board, new earth and all that. Audio cable guy (different to electric cable guy) is coming in tomorrow.  I worked out today that I am spending an average of $1170 a day while the tradesmen are here. So we might just start taking bookings from now. How does $1170 a day sound with engineer?

recording studio door

We’ve hung doors, roughed in electrics and put in a new switch board for the rooms which will power everything directly from the mains. Star earthing has been used in the rooms.

Soon I’m going to start to talk about, and in so doing cement, our recording philosophy. I’ll talk about gear, reasons behind certain purchase decisions and the like. Mostly, decisions are budget based but when there’s hours of research and experience involved, it’s worth sharing that process.

recording studio framework

star earthing

Between waiting for custom made aircon duct outlets and ordering the beachcomber flame fabric that will cover most of the walls and ceilings, last week saw the electrics for power and lights roughed in as well as some very serious doors hung. Doors can say a lot about a place and these are the kind that won’t take shit from anyone. They will fuck you up, cut you down and bleed you if called up to. We’ve also brought in our vintage NEVE compressor which will be very handy on treating some of those nasty vocals… Recording Studios are so much fun.

hanging a door in a recording studio

electric compressor

While you’re here, check out the dates for Groovin the Moo 2018 via Happy Mag.


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