SSL Launches the Fusion Analog Mix Bus Processor

By October 3, 2018Mixing, News, Outboard, Recording

SSL have launched a product that aims to bring decades of analog pedigree to DAW based productions. Fusion is a 2U rackmount device which hosts five stages of analog processing.

Bring that touch of class to your stereo mix: SSL’s Fusion provides five different analog processors in one unit and adds weight, character and detail to an in-the-box mix.

The five different processors can be combined, or used used discretely. They include Vintage Drive, which has controls to create harmonic saturation and compression. It can offer subtle excitement, all the way up to aggressive distortion.

The Violet EQ provides two bands of shelving so you can intuitively dial in some low-end weight or top end sheen. The HF Compressor can be used to tame brittle high-end frequencies, just the thing for adding a little tape-like warmth to a mix.

The Stereo Image section includes a mid-side circuit that allows for widening and an manipulation of the stereo field. Finally, Transformer injects a subtle low frequency saturation, alongside a high frequency phase shift. This simultaneously adds thickness and top end sparkle to the signal.

Visit SSL for more details.


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