SSL Dives Into the World of Reverb with the FlexVerb Plugin

By October 30, 2018Mixing, News, Recording, Software

Solid State Logic has an unimpeachable pedigree in channel strip, EQ and compression design. Now they’ve turned their hand to crafting a reverb plugin with the FlexVerb.

SSL is one of the most recognisable names in the studio, with a legendary reputation in console design. Now they’ve launched a brand new reverb plugin, the FlexVerb.

The reverb features four types, including room, chamber, hall and plate. You can also have split early reflections for further complexity in reverb tails. Most reverb controls are available on seven faders.

It possesses a detailed six band EQ section, with high and low pass filter, each with independent reverb time controls.

Compression is on hand for the reverb tail. It also has a side-chain input that can be triggered by the dry signal to carve out extra space in the mix.

For more information, visit the Solid State Logic website.

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