Spitfire Audio Launches New BBC Orchestra Sample Library

Spitfire Audio has managed to create a new gold standard in modern composition with their latest collaboration with the BBC Orchestra. The new sample library aims to place the sound of the world-renowned symphony orchestra at your fingertips. The library was unveiled at a keynote launch at London’s Barbican Centre and comes after almost 12 years in the making.

Recorded at Maida Vale Studios with a beautiful, modern design by digital product studio ustwo, this library looks to lead the pack in the orchestral virtual instrument market. Spitfire has displayed immense attention to detail and understanding of instrumental techniques and orchestral conventions. As a result, the BBC Orchestra sample library takes sample instrument authenticity to an entirely new level.

Spitfire Audio joins forces with the BBC Orchestra to create the ultimate in orchestral instruments – a library that takes sonic realism to the extreme.

The library contains 55 instruments across brass, strings, woodwinds and percussion, with 99 players and a whopping 418 playing techniques. The collection takes over 200 hours of recordings from the orchestras accomplished players and boasts a staggering 1,000,000+ samples.

The layout of the library can be simplified into three separate control sections. Firstly, the Articulation section allows you to control the exact playing style of your sounds from soft string plucks to roaring horn textures. Besides this, the Mix control allows you to dial in the character of the sounds by altering microphone technique and ambience. Lastly, the FX unit within the library changes parameters like tightness and variation to create rich, organic orchestral soundscapes.

The BBC Symphony Orchestra library is available for preorder now. For more information visit Spitfire Audio.

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