Spitfire Audio LABS Launches Scary Strings Free Sample Library

Scary Strings is the latest in Spitfire Audio’s LABS series. It’s a curated set of haunting string textures and as always with LABS, it’s free.

Scary Strings is Spitfire Audio’s LABS latest concoction. It’s collection of subtly evolving string textures that are set to make your hairs stand on end. Download it for free.

Here’s how the crew at Spitfire Audio describe the new sample library:

“These haunting string evolutions were the inspiration behind Spitfire’s Evolutions libraries, born out of the need for subtly shifting textures.

“Performed by a small ensemble of string players, we give you three distinctive presets: Cool, which creates icy overtones; Sustain, for longer notes; and Stretched, for a disturbing, drawn-out effect that will make your hairs stand on end.”

For more info, visit Spitfire Audio.

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