Spending $2000 on Green Glue in less than a minute

By September 29, 2010Making Enmore Audio
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Did you know you can spend $2000 on glue in less than a minute? Well you can. This stuff is called Green Glue and it’s the best glue money can buy for acoustic purposes. Well that’s what the brochure says. Today we put in the first layer of yellow tongue on top of the new joists in The Stable, reframed the fire door and put up new ceiling joists as well. All treated hardwood or pine.

green glue in a studio

Green glue. You can’t actually prove it works but… if there’s an option to improve a space like this then it just feels like it’s worth the investment.

The layers on the floor so far go: Earth, concrete slab, art deco tiles, angel step strips, treated pine joists and spacers where required, sound bar strips along the joists, layer of yellow tongue. That’s just the first floor. There will be another layer and then the final floor finish. By the time we’re done I doubt I’ll even fit in that room. But it will be sound proof.

green glue

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