Soyuz Unveils 013 TUBE Small Diaphragm Condenser Pair

Soyuz have added to the 013 TUBE small diaphragm condenser matched pair to its arsenal of high quality studio mics. They aim to capture instrumental sounds with the same detail as their FET equivalent, with added tube driven smoothness and musicality.

Soyuz have introduced the perfect companion to their FET based small diaphragm condensers. The 013 TUBE captures sound with tube driven elegance and character.

Usually, tube circuits are the domain of large diaphragm condensers and are more likely to be used on vocals. Soyuz aims to bring and character usually associated with vocal recordings to the instrumental realm.

Here’s how Soyuz describe the difference between their tube and FET models:

The 013 FET, with its FET circuit, captures transients with a faster response. The 013 TUBE has a smoother, round top-end perfect for sources where you want a natural sound with more coloration.”

The microphones take their sonic flavour from proprietary toroidal transformers and sub-miniature tubes. The -20dB pads are accessed via a button on the power supply unit.

To top it off, the microphone pair, clips, custom cables and PSU ship in a handmade oak suitcase.

Visit the website for more details.

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