Sony’s New GTK-PG10 Speakers Come With Inbuilt Cupholders

By January 9, 2019News
Sony GTK-PG10

It’s summertime, there’s no doubt about that. A time for soaking up the rays and having friends around for a BBQ, some drinks and a bit of music. But have you ever felt that there’s something missing? Maybe you want to put your drink down while you change the song, but you just can’t find a good place?

We’ll don’t you stress friendo, because Sony has got you covered with their new GTK-PG10 speakers, featuring inbuilt cupholders. Yes, really.

Sony GTK-PG10

Have you ever had the problem of not having somewhere to put your drink while changing the song? Well, Sony’s new GTK-PG10 is here to help your troubles.

When the top panels of the PG10 are opened, Sony states that ‘Outdoor Party Mode’ is engaged, exciting right? As weird as it sounds, it does actually serve a function, as it allows for greater projection of the inbuilt tweeters, as well as giving you access to cup holders and a smooth tray where you could sit a bowl of your favourite nibbles.

“My mates are hopeless drunks, what if they spill their drinks on my new speaker?” you may wonder. Ahh well see, Sony has even considered the worst, as these babies have a splashproof pannel on top, that they claim is “easy to clean”. I guess you’ll see to that in the morning. Also clever is that while ‘Outdoor Party Mode’ is activated, the PG10s automatically adapt their audio settings to optimise for outdoor conditions.

When your picnic is over and it’s time to pack it in, you can simply fold the top panel and carry the speaker indoors with the handles on the sides, where it will automatically adjust to inside conditions… or ‘Indoor Party Mode’. Maybe they could have called it ‘Kickon Mode’. Still, it’s pretty nifty.

Sony’s strange but brilliant new speakers have a decent 13 hours of battery life and can pair with up to three devices via Bluetooth. Also handy is the ability to be able to simultaneously charge and play music through USB.

You can even plug in a microphone, which adds your friend Karen’s voice to the mix for a nice spot of Karaoke which will definitely never get old. Sony really has thought of everything.

If you’re currently thinking, “Finally a speaker that gets me!”, head on over to Sony’s website to check it out.

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