Sono Elements Unveils the eTron Mellotron Virtual Instrument

Sono Elements have released the eTron, a virtual instrument that emulates the rare and highly prized sounds of the Mellotron. They’ve also put it within reach of most users, coming in at $19 US.

The sounds of the sixties revisited for the DAW generation: the eTron from Sono Elements packages the lush, choral flavours of the Mellotron in a virtual instrument.

The Mellotron was an unmistakable element of sixties psychedelia, lending its eerie choral tones to many archetypal records of the era. 

The key features of the Mellotron are on offer in the eTron too. It features the sounds of flute, brass, cello, woodwinds and choirs alongside some synthetic touches such as the ADSR envelope.

The inclusion of Mellotron-friendly effects like reverb and tremolo add to its ethereal abilities, and users can even dial in some noise (electronic hum, vinyl cracking and tape hiss) if they are especially committed to creating retro soundscapes!

For more info, visit Sono Elements.

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