Sono Elements Launches the SolinStrings Soft Synth

Sono Elements has announced the release of the SolinStrings virtual instrument. The soft synth emulates the immortal character of the ARP Solina String Ensemble Synthesizer.

The Solina String Ensemble was a staple of 70s production. Now it lives on in plugin form with the release of the SolinStrings virtual instrument.

The original machine was favoured by the likes of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Brian Eno, Joy Division and the Cure. And like Sono Elements’ recent homage to the Mellotron, they’ve encapsulated the sound of an era in an easy to use soft synth.

The features include the six original tones, which span brass, woodwind and strings. An ADSR is included for simple refinements of the sound, with tremolo and reverb effects on hand for further sweetening.

It comes as a VST and AU instrument for Windows and Mac and ships for US $19.

Visit the Sono Elements website for more details.

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