Solid State Logic Native Plugin Bundle Hits Version 6

Solid State Logic’s native plugin collection – comprising EQ, compression, saturation and more – has reached version 6. The suite of plugins promises to deliver console grade sound processing within the DAW environment.

Solid State Logic has a long established pedigree in creating state of the art consoles. Their native plugin collection delivers that level of quality to your DAW.

The fundamental audio signature of previous plugin collections has been maintained in the new version. Higher resolution interfaces and improved preset management are a couple of the changes that mark an evolutionary step forward for the collection.

The suite includes a variety of channel strips, such the classic Channel Strip – a one stop processing shop, direct from an SSL console; Drumstrip – a channel strip that focuses on more drum relevant tweaks, like transient design; Vocalstrip – includes carefully calibrated tools to deliver professional vocal sounds.

Bus Compressor is everyone’s favourite stereo bus compressor from the G Series console; X-Comp is surgically precise dynamic control with an interface to match; X-ValveComp is decidedly more characterful and gritty.

X-EQ and X-Phase are transparent solutions for sculpting frequencies and correcting phase issues from multi-mic recordings.

For more info, visit Solid State Logic.

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