Solder On With The Brunswick Semi-Modular DIY Synth Kit

By October 10, 2018News, Synths
future sounds brunswick

Need a new DIY project? Here’s one that actually sounds like a good idea. The Brunswick is a semi-modular synthesiser with a raw, bare-bones finish, offering a single oscillator, multimode filter and a tweakable 24-point patch bay.

future sounds brunswick

With 24 patch bays, and a multimode filter, the stripped back Future Sound Systems Brunswick is the perfect idea for a DIY weekend project.

The Brunswick offers a two-pole multi-mode VCF, single VCO, as well as basic LFO and envelope sections. The 24 point patch-bay allows you to tweak the VCO pitch as well as the envelope gate, amongst other parameters, using 3.5mm mono jacks.

It was originally commissioned as a workshop unit by Bristol Experimental Expanded Film (BEEF). It was designed to be an affordable, no-nonsense synth, perfect for learning the ins and outs of a modular synthesiser.

Future Sound Systems has offered a limited run of the constructed unit through their website, however, a larger run of the DIY kits is available through – for half the price.

For more information take a look at Future Sound System’s website.

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