Sir George Martin’s Iconic AIR Studios is Up for Sale

paul AIR

AIR Studios – the legendary London recording space that was the brainchild of Beatles producer, George Martin, is up for sale. But with around £3 million worth of recording equipment alone, this sale is not for the faint of heart.

Home to some of the most memorable recordings in recent decades, AIR Studios, in London is up for sale. It was set up by Beatles producer, George Martin.

The building itself, Lyndhurst Hall, is a heritage listed converted church. It recently faced existential threat through a dispute with a neighbour, but survived.

The ongoing success of the studio is doubly important, as it plays an integral role in the recording of film scores. AIR and Abbey Road are the only studios in London sizeable enough to house symphony orchestras.

Among the multimillion dollar gear collection is a vintage Neve console that was brought back from AIR Studios in Montserrat, an 80 channel SSL 8000 G and a near mythical microphone collection.

Find out more about the studio here.

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