Sidechaining for iOS with Pumphouse by Audio Damage

By August 23, 2017News, Software

Developers Audio Damage have just released Pumphouse, a compressor app designed to maximise the utility of sidechaining for creative effects.

Need creative sidechaining for your productions? Check out the Pumphouse compressor app from Audio Damage.

Sidechaining features in compressors have long been a go-to effect for producers of dance and electronic music. It works by taking a signal from a pulsing instrument, a kick drum for example, then routing it to another instrument in the mix, with a compressor inserted on it, like a synth.

The kick drum pulse activates the compressor and rhythmically suppresses the synth, creating the archetypal “pumping” sound associated with EDM.

The cleverness of Pumphouse is that incorporates a step sequencer, for potentially more complex and interesting rhythmic pumps. Combined with an easy to navigate user interface, it makes it easier than ever to inject sidechaining into your mix.

It works as a plugin with a host of iOS based DAWs and is very welcomely priced at $2.99 on the app store.

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