Shergold Launches Provocateur Single-Cutaway Electric

By May 22, 2019Guitars, News
shergold guitar retro guitar provocateur

Historic UK guitar brand, Shergold, has just revealed the Provocateur single-cutaway electric. It marks the second installment of the modern reinvention of the brand, designed in the UK by luthier Patrick James Eggle.

shergold guitar retro guitar provocateur

The resurrection of the Shergold is in full swing. They’ve just released the Provocateur single-cutaway guitar. It combines retro style with top notch specs.

The guitars come in three different finishes – battleship grey, thru-black and thru dirty blonde – and two different pickup configurations: USA made Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates twin humbucker – and humbucker plus P90. The combinations of setups can provide a retro voice, as well as untapped power when required.

The collection features a vintage scale length, roasted mahogany neck, topped off with a Macassan ebony fingerboard.

For more info on these stylish Brits, head over to Shergold guitars.

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