Seymour Duncan Releases the FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synth Pedal

By August 28, 2018Guitar, News, Pedals

Seymour Duncan has just announced the release of the FOOZ Analog Fuzz Synthesizer pedal. It spans a massive range of tones, including wah, fuzz, and tremolo.

Seymour Duncan’s FOOZ stompbox encompasses a massive range of synthetic tones including wah, fuzz and tremolo. It excels on guitar, bass and more.

The pedal features three main sections that combine to dish up a plethora of sonic variety. The LFO section features depth and speed controls with the ability to select different wave shapes.

The filter has a classic architecture, with frequency and resonance controls on hand. It’s extended with the ability to plug in and expression pedal and use the FOOZ like a wah.

The fuzz section has a very simple level and gain setup, and from here, you can flick on the tremolo.

Seymour Duncan sum it up best by saying, “The interconnectivity between blocks allows the FOOZ to be used in a variety of manners.” It still has the ability to conjure straight-up fuzz and tremolo, but with the depth and flexibility to go far beyond.

Visit Seymour Duncan for more details.

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