Sculpt Guitar Sounds with the Programmable Analog 10 Band EQ from Free The Tone

By December 5, 2017News, Pedals

Boutique Japanese pedal makers Free The Tone have just revealed the Programmable Analog 10 Band EQ pedal for guitar and bass.

For those who like to finely chisel the profile of the guitar or bass: Free The Tone have announced the release of the Programmable Analog 10 Band EQ.

The two pedals (official model names PA-1QG for guitar and PA-1QB for bass) feature a completely analog signal path, like a traditional graphic EQ.

Its parameter control section, however, is digitally controlled, which allows any of the 99 preset options to be saved and recalled in an instant.

The pedals are identical in functionality, but understandably feature a slightly different EQ range – 50hz to 10khz for the guitar and 40hz to 8khz for the bass.

For each preset, the volume can also be adjusted, meaning that it can be used as a volume booster, or volume leveller when switching between guitars.

The Programmable Analog 10 Band EQ is slated for release in January 2018.

Visit Free The Tone for more details.

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